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US-Norway Bilateral workshop - storage

Meeting report: 

As a part of the US-Norway MOU initiative a side event on Storage was held after the Annual CLIMIT summit in Oslo (26-27 Feb 2019). As a meeting theme we picked the title "Storage accelerator & learnings from Northern Lights project" with the idea to share international CO2 storage experience with the emerging Norway CCS project "Northern lights" and vis versa. The meeting was introduced by Åse Slagtern (NFR, Norway) and chaired by Darin Damiani (DoE, USA) and Philip Ringrose (Equinor, Norway).  Over 70 participants attended from many countries and contributed to a lively Q&A following each of the short talks presented.  The idea of sharing experience between US and Norwegian CCUS projects worked very well, with input also from emerging projects in the UK. Research topics included flow simulation, faulting, seismicity, well integrity, and marine monitoring. Project development perspectives included mapping global offshore potential, enabling cost effective projects via EOR, and developing new technology for offshore facilities.  Most agreed that the prospects for accelerating CCUS projects globally are looking good but that the business models remain challenging.

Meeting agenda with link to talks is given below. 

Global storage developments theme:

CLIMIT Progamme overview - Arvid Nøttvedt, CLIMIT Chairman

Data sharing update – Grethe Tangen, SINTEF

Global perspectives on offshore storage – Tip Meckel, University of Texas

• US storage projects update – Michael Godec, ARI

US onshore CCUS projects – Charles Gorecki, UNEERC  

UK developments offshore storage – Steve Murphy, Pale Blu Dot Energy

Northern lights theme:

Update from Northern Lights project – Peter Zweigel, Equinor

Challenges of understanding CO2 plume dynamics – Phil Ringrose, Equinor

Understanding faults – Elin Skurtveit, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute  

Monitoring offshore seismicity – Volker Oye, NORSAR

Marine environmental monitoring – Ann Blomberg, NGI

Well integrity issues – Andreas Berntsen & Malin Torsæter, SINTEF

Offshore technology for CCS – Pål Helge Nøkleby, Aker Solutions

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to Jun 21

Second International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage and the Carbon Safe Annual Workshop

The Second International Workshop on Geologic CO2 Storage was held at the Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, USA June 18 - 20, 2017, followed by a Carbon Safe Workshop and open house June 21, 2017. The  presentations from the workshop can be found here, and the workshop report here


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CO2 Storage Data Consortium - launch

16 November 2016: The CO2 Storage Data Consortium (CSDC) launched

The CO2 Storage Data Consortium (CSDC) – was launched 16 November 2016 at the GHGT13 conference in Lausanne, Switzerland. The CSDC is a new international network aimed at promoting data sharing from pioneering CO2 storage projects in order to accelerate innovation and deployment of CCS. The aim of the meeting was to explain the objectives and to gain feedback from potential participants. The CO2 Storage Data Consortium (CSDC) Secretariat can be contacted at <csdc-secretariat@sintef.no>.


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Webinar on combustion

Researchers from NETL and SINTEF exchanged information on activities and views on aspects of combustion in an effort to look for possible co-operation in the Crosscutting part under the bilateral umbrella. John Rockey presented the Office of Fossil Energy’s program on Advanced Combustion Systems, Nathan Weiland gave a review of NETL’s supercritical CO2 (sCO ) techno-economic analyses, Mario Ditaranto presented some of SINTEF’s work on oxy-fuel combustion  and Petter Nekså gave an overview of work SINTEF is doing on tools and applications for CO2 power cycle development.


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to Apr 21

Workshop on offshore geologic CO2 storage, Austin, Texas,US

An international workshop on offshore geologic storage of CO2 was hosted by the Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) at the University of Texas at Austin The workshop was attended by approximately 50 persons from around the world, with emphasis on offshore geologic storage of CO2 in developing countries. The presentations from the workshop are available here and the workshop report here.

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Webinar on CLC

A webinar  between NETL laboratories and Norwegian research institutions were held April 14, 2016. on Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC). The goal of the meeting was to see if there are possibilities for cooperation. Douglas Straub, NETL, presented their activities on CLC, and from the Norwegian side summaries of activies were given by Julien Meyer, IFE and Yngve Larring, Sintef. Shahriar Amini, NTNU, could not be present by some activities were later shared with US delegates.


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to Jan 27

CLIMIT workshop on emerging CO2 capture technologies

Oslo Airport, Gardermoen:

From lunch on 26 January  to the afternoon of 27 January, 55 invited participants emery to discuss and exchange knowledge on development of new and/or future CO2 capture technologies. The workshop was organized by the CLIMIT programme. 

The purpose of the meeting was to obtain an overview of the status within new technology for CO2 capture, inspire international cooperation in this area, as well as to provide good points to the CLIMIT secretariat for the preparation of a new programme plan. The programme consisted of a mix of presentations, panel debates and group work. The participants came from research institutes, academia, industry and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. The industry was represented by suppliers Aker Solutions and GE, as well as the user side with Norcem, Yara, Hydro Aluminium, Klemetsrud waste recovery and Shell. Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and the US were also represented, along with the many participants from Norwegian organisations.

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Risk Management in Practice

This workshop took place on Sunday 6th September 2015 and was organised as a side-event to the plenary meeting of the ISO technical committee for CCS (TC265) that was held near Oslo from the 7th to 11th September. The workshop was organised and hosted by the USA-Norway CCUS MVA group, which is organised under the Memorandum of Understanding between the US Department of Energy and the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum. Read more....

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