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US-Norway Bilateral workshop - storage

Meeting report: 

As a part of the US-Norway MOU initiative a side event on Storage was held after the Annual CLIMIT summit in Oslo (26-27 Feb 2019). As a meeting theme we picked the title "Storage accelerator & learnings from Northern Lights project" with the idea to share international CO2 storage experience with the emerging Norway CCS project "Northern lights" and vis versa. The meeting was introduced by Åse Slagtern (NFR, Norway) and chaired by Darin Damiani (DoE, USA) and Philip Ringrose (Equinor, Norway).  Over 70 participants attended from many countries and contributed to a lively Q&A following each of the short talks presented.  The idea of sharing experience between US and Norwegian CCUS projects worked very well, with input also from emerging projects in the UK. Research topics included flow simulation, faulting, seismicity, well integrity, and marine monitoring. Project development perspectives included mapping global offshore potential, enabling cost effective projects via EOR, and developing new technology for offshore facilities.  Most agreed that the prospects for accelerating CCUS projects globally are looking good but that the business models remain challenging.

Meeting agenda with link to talks is given below. 

Global storage developments theme:

CLIMIT Progamme overview - Arvid Nøttvedt, CLIMIT Chairman

Data sharing update – Grethe Tangen, SINTEF

Global perspectives on offshore storage – Tip Meckel, University of Texas

• US storage projects update – Michael Godec, ARI

US onshore CCUS projects – Charles Gorecki, UNEERC  

UK developments offshore storage – Steve Murphy, Pale Blu Dot Energy

Northern lights theme:

Update from Northern Lights project – Peter Zweigel, Equinor

Challenges of understanding CO2 plume dynamics – Phil Ringrose, Equinor

Understanding faults – Elin Skurtveit, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute  

Monitoring offshore seismicity – Volker Oye, NORSAR

Marine environmental monitoring – Ann Blomberg, NGI

Well integrity issues – Andreas Berntsen & Malin Torsæter, SINTEF

Offshore technology for CCS – Pål Helge Nøkleby, Aker Solutions