Workers at TCM Mongstad (Photo: TCM)

Workers at TCM Mongstad (Photo: TCM)

On the US side the the bilateral cooperation agreement is administered by the Department of Energy (DOE) and in Norway by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE). A secretariat has been established and is located with the Research Council of Norway for the period May 2016 - May 2018, whereafter the responsibility will be taken over by the US. In addition, each technology area has at least two contact persons, one from each country.

Four technology areas have been selected for close cooperation in the field of CCUS:

  • Large-Scale Testing of Carbon Capture Technologies.
    Deals with aspects of testing and development of capture technologies, particularly post-combustion using solvents. Includes degradation, emissions and instrumentation

  • CO2 Storage and MVA.

    Deals with collaboration related to all aspects involved in CO2 storage and monitoring, verification and accounting (MVA), including data exchange to learn from past and present projects. 

  • CO2-EOR.
    Concerns cooperation on new approaches for using CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

  • Crosscutting Research Program.
    Concerns collaboration on topics that relates to more than one of the other topics defined above, for example capture simulation tools, modularization and manufacturing.

At present the working groups for CO2-EOR and CO2 storage and MVA are working together. 

Each technology area has area leads, at least one form each country. Contact details can be found here.

As each party will have to secure funding for own activities from the home country in common projects and as there are no common calls but this web site will include updates on relevant calls in both countries. There may also be some contracting issues due to different practices in the two countries. The Secretariat can always be contacted for assistance and advice.