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The 2018 bilateral meeting took place in Oslo, Norway, 02 May 2018, hosted by the Research Council of Norway. 

The 3rd International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage as well as a capture workshop followed  the bilateral meeting, i.e. O3-04 May. Participants at the offshore workshop, did a site visit to the Fortum Oslo Varme waste-to-energy plant at Klemetsrud in Oslo in the afternoon of 04 May, whereas the participants to the capture workshop visited the Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) on 04 May. More information and links to the presentation will soon be available.

Bilateral Meeting Documents

Agenda (plenary and capture and storage break-out sessions)

Plenary summary notes

Bilateral Plenary Meeting Presentations (all not yet available)


William Christensen, Director General, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway


Follow-up of communication. Torund Bryhn, Gassonova, Sallie GreenbergUniv. Ill.

Follow up on ACT. Aage StangelandRCN

Follow-up on NCCS. Amy Brunsvold, Sintef, and Lynn Brickett, NETL

Information about ECCSEL CCS research infrastructure. Sverre QualeECCSEL ERIC

Break-out sessions reporting out

Capture break-out summary slides. John Litynski, DoE

Storage break-out summary slides. Darin Damiani, DoE

Break-out Sessions Documents 

Capture break-out session

Capture break-out notes

Capture break-out presentatiions

The SINTEF-TCM pathway for scaling up. US/NOR bilateral development projects within CO2capture. Aslak Einbu, SINTEF

CLIMIT: Are there any administrative/contractual obstacles?a: Climit bilateral funding involving non Norwegian entities. Hans Jørgen Vinje, Gassnova SF

Emerging Technologies. Åse Slagtern, RCN

Storage break-out session

Storage break-out notes

Storage break-out agenda - Philip Ringrose, Statoil, and Darin Damiani, DOE

Update on ongoing projects

CO2-data-share update  - Sallie Greenberg and Grethe Tangen

Update on Illinois/Norway Activities - Sallie Greenberg (Univ. of Illinois)

Micro-seismic monitoring, Decatur – Volker Oye

Pressure Toolkit –  Josh White, LLNL (presented by Darin Damiani)

Wellbore integrity – Malin Torsæter (Sintef) and Susan Carroll, LLNL (presented by Darin Damiani)

CO2 Foam EOR Field Pilots and other CCUS activities - Arne Graue (U. Bergen & USA)

 Emerging areas for future R&D:

Overview of new DOE supported offshore storage project and other BEG activities - Tip Meckel (UT Austin BEG) 

Overview of new offshore storage project - Brain Hill (SSEB) 

NCCS collaboration opportunities - Grethe Tangen (Sintef)

CLIMIT/Gassnova initiatives - Mike Carpenter (Gassnova)



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to Aug 30

Washington DC August 28 and 29, 2017

The annual meeting of the bilateral CCUS cooperation between USA and Norway took place AUGUST 28 – 29, 2017, in Washington DC. The site visits to Petra Nova and NetPower in Houston August 31 were cancelled due to hurricane "Harvey". Representatives of the projects gave presentations over Skype. 

See the agenda and presentations at the plenary here and  a summary to the discussions and outcomes here. There were separate agendas for the breakout sessions for capture and storage.

A workshop on "Novel Business Models for CCS and CCUS", planned to take place in Austin September 1, was moved to Washington DC and held August 30.Click here for  agenda, presentations and summaries. 


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