26 - 27 February, 2019. CLIMIT Summit, Oslo, Norway

CLIMIT Summit has become an established meeting place for the CCS community.

The 2019 event is scheduled for 26-27 February 2019 at the Soria Moria Hotel and Conference Centre in Oslo.

This year's programme will feature national and international speakers and presentations from CLIMIT's project portfolio, and we have allocated plenty of time for networking. There will be four main sessions:
“The political backdrop and the importance of CCS research”
“From CLIMIT to fullscale CCS”
“Financing CCS”
“CCS collaboration in EU”.


As of 28 January 23019 the CLIMIT Summit event is fully booked.

27 February. US-Norway Side Event CO2 Storage

Following the CLIMIT Summit there will be a US-Norway side event on CO2 storage. The programme can be found here.