2019 US/Norway Bilateral Capture Breakout Session

Thursday 29 August 14:00-17:30 

Theme: “Capture Technologies for industrial applications of CCS"

 14:00 Welcome and objectives.John Lituýnski, DOE, and , Bjørn-Erik Haugan, TCM 

 14:10 Update on-going projects:

-       Update on Norwegian projects – Summary. Bjørn-Erik Haugan, TCM

-       Update on US projects – Summary John Litynski, DOE     

14:20 Capture systems for demands of load following and intermittent operation 

-      Experience on flexible operationAslak Einbu,SINTEF

-      Conceptual Design of a Pulverized Coal Plantfor Flexibility, Matt Adams, NETL 

-      Panel - Experiences from US industry 

o   Sallie Greenberg,Illinois State Geological Survey

o   Katherine Dombrowski, Trimeric

o   Jeff Bobeck, Carbon Capture Coalition 

o   Betty Pun, Chevron

15:00 BREAK: 

 15:15 Emerging and enabling technologies 

-      Overview - G. Alptekin, TDA

-      Compact solvent technology, Torleif Madsen; Compact Carbon Capture

-      Sorbents, Richard Blom, SINTEF

16:00 BREAK: 

16:10 Testing, assessment criteria and qualification of technologies for industry 

-      Experience from Waste Incineration, Johnny Stuen; Fortum Oslo Varme

-      Experience from Field Testing TCM and NCCC, Michael Matuszewski, Aristosys, Inc, 

16:40 Scaling up for industry, incl. modularization

-      Membranes, Tim Merkel, MTR 

-      Upscaling packing, Eirik Bjørnsen, Biobe

-      Application of Existing technologies to Industry, Lynn Brickett, DOE

-      Modularization, presented on behalf of Aker Solution 

17:10 Discussion 

Some suggested questions for the group:

·      What R&D would be most impactful for a commercial-scale industrial capture project?

·      To our Norwegian colleagues: given what you’ve seen on US R&D projects at our conference, are there any collaborative opportunities that stand out?

·       Other…