Agenda for the storage breakout session was:

  1. Status ongoing projects by area leads Darin Damiani and Hans Jørgen Vinje/Per Ivar Karstad
    1. CO2 Storage Data Consortium (CSDC). Sallie Greenberg 
    2. LLNL – Norway cooperation (Susan Carroll) 
    3. University of Bergen. Arne Graue 
    4. US-Norway co-operations in Norwegian CCS Research Centre. Lars Ingolf Eide 
  2. Norwegian full scale project – Introduction by Hans Jørgen Vinje; the storage part by Per Ivar Karstad.
  3. Update on other activities and projects.  
    1.  Status offshore CO2-EOR development (Climit-funded projects with Aker Solutions and InFlow Control). Hans Jørgen Vinje
    2.  Illinois–Norway cooperation (EFRC/GSCO2 and CO2CAP). Sallie Greenberg
    3. CSLF Task Force on Offshore CO2-EOR. Lars Ingolf Eide  
  4. Potential new cooperative projects (60 min). Indicated times include presentations AND discussions.  
    1. Mississippi Power’s Kemper County IGCC plant -  aquifer storage project – possible co-operations Vello Kuuskraa
    2.  Brief summary of MoU side event in Oslo 8 March. Lars Ingolf Eide
    3. CLIMIT and US DoE storage awards since May 2016. Darin Damiani/ Hans Jørgen Vinje
    4. Discussions and impacts of 2nd International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage 19-20 June in Beaumont, Texas; Lars Ingolf Eide
    5. National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP). Bob Dilmore
    6. IRIS initiatives on CO2-EOR, Roman Berenblyum
    7. ACT – multinational collaboration. Norway is leading a consortium of nine European countries where the ambition is knowledge sharing and common calls. Next call will be published in 2018. USA is welcome to join. Hans Jørgen Vinje
  5. Discussions, summary and way forward.