Bilateral Meeting Documents

Agenda (plenary and capture and storage break-out sessions)

Plenary summary notes

Bilateral Plenary Meeting Presentations (all not yet available)


William Christensen, Director General, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway


Follow-up of communication. Torund Bryhn, Gassonova, Sallie GreenbergUniv. Ill.

Follow up on ACT. Aage StangelandRCN

Follow-up on NCCS. Amy Brunsvold, Sintef, and Lynn Brickett, NETL

Information about ECCSEL CCS research infrastructure. Sverre QualeECCSEL ERIC

Break-out sessions reporting out

Capture break-out summary slides. John Litynski, DoE

Storage break-out summary slides. Darin Damiani, DoE

Break-out Sessions Documents 

Capture break-out session

Capture break-out notes

Capture break-out presentatiions

The SINTEF-TCM pathway for scaling up. US/NOR bilateral development projects within CO2capture. Aslak Einbu, SINTEF

CLIMIT: Are there any administrative/contractual obstacles?a: Climit bilateral funding involving non Norwegian entities. Hans Jørgen Vinje, Gassnova SF

Emerging Technologies. Åse Slagtern, RCN

Storage break-out session

Storage break-out notes

Storage break-out agenda - Philip Ringrose, Statoil, and Darin Damiani, DOE

Update on ongoing projects

CO2-data-share update  - Sallie Greenberg and Grethe Tangen

Update on Illinois/Norway Activities - Sallie Greenberg (Univ. of Illinois)

Micro-seismic monitoring, Decatur – Volker Oye

Pressure Toolkit –  Josh White, LLNL (presented by Darin Damiani)

Wellbore integrity – Malin Torsæter (Sintef) and Susan Carroll, LLNL (presented by Darin Damiani)

CO2 Foam EOR Field Pilots and other CCUS activities - Arne Graue (U. Bergen & USA)

 Emerging areas for future R&D:

Overview of new DOE supported offshore storage project and other BEG activities - Tip Meckel (UT Austin BEG) 

Overview of new offshore storage project - Brain Hill (SSEB) 

NCCS collaboration opportunities - Grethe Tangen (Sintef)

CLIMIT/Gassnova initiatives - Mike Carpenter (Gassnova)