Thursday, May 3, 2018

  • 8:30 AM  3:00 PM

A workshop on collaboration between USA and Norway on CO2 capture was held at the Research Council of Norway, Drammensveien 288, Lysaker, Oslo, Norway, 3 may 2018.

The focus of the workshop washer to advance the technology development of capture processes. Presentations included experience and planning from testing at TCM (Technology Centre Mongstad). Four US companies have projects with CLIMIT funding including collaboration with SINTEF and five companies are preparing to test at the Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM). ION has completed their campaign. Aker Solutions built the amine unit at TCM and has also completed their campaigns. Tests at TCM are very valuable and the arrangement offers good opportunities for both the technology developer side as well as TCM. Learnings from the capture breakout session on US-Norway collaboration the previous day was a part of the discussions. On 4thMay a delegation from the Capture workshop travelled to Bergen and visited TCM to explore the site for future cooperation.

The workshop summary can be found here. The following presentations were given (not all available yet):

Common session with 3rd International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage:

Low Carbon SolutionsSteinar Eikaas, Statoil

Emerging hydrogen value chains for Japan. Ryogo Tanaka, RITE

Fast Tracking Infrastructure Development for Future Offshore CO2Storage. Brian Hill, Southern States Energy Board

Carbon Capture Collaboration Workshop

Carbon Capture Collaboration TCM – Summary of recent activitiesBjørn-Erik Haugan, Gassnova/TCM 

Advancing Fossil Energy Solutions at the National Carbon Capture Center. Frank Morton, NCCC

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS). Just Catch. Oscar Graff, Aker Solutions 

ION Engineering: Test Logistics, Challenges & Experiences. Buz Brown, Ion Engineering

Lessons Learned Developing Non-Aqueous Solvent CO2 Capture Process for Coal-fired Power Plants in Collaboration with SINTEF: RTI’s Experience. S. James Zhou, RTI International

Engineering Scale Testing of Transformational Non-Aqueous Solvent-Based CO2Capture Process at Technology Centre Mongstad. S. James Zhou, RTI International

Membranes for CO2 Capture. Svein Gunnar Nodeland, Air Products

Water Lean Solvent Development, Satish Reddy, Fluor

Accelerated Development of Mixed-Salt Based CO2 Capture Technology Through NETL, CLIMIT, TCM, SINTEF and SRI Partnerships. Indira Jayaweera,  SRI International

CO2Capture with Polymeric Membranes . Tim Merkel, Membrane Technology & Research (MTR)

Membrane-Sorbent Hybrid System for Post-combustion Carbon Capture (DE-FOA-0001791). Ambal Jayaraman, TDA Research Inc.

CCSI2 Design of Experiments. Michael Matuszewski. National Energy technology Laboratory (NETL)