Title: US – Norway Collaboration on CCS/CCUS 2017 Bilateral Workshop “Novel Business Models for CCS and CCUS”

Date: August 30, 2017

Location: Hunton & Williams, Washington DC


A summary with supplementary information is found here.


9:00 AM

Introductions; Concept of moving to a holistic business model that would include the carbon dioxide value chain from capture to injection. Round table discussion - led by Eva Halland (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) and Bob Ivy (U.S. Department of Energy

10:00 AM

Business cases for current carbon capture technologies; anticipated business cases in the next 3-5 years

Carbon capture from waste-to-energy in Oslo, Norway - Jannicke Gerner Bjerkås (Klemetsrud

The ADM experience – Sallie Greenberg for Scott McDonald (Archer Daniels Midland

11:00 PM

Health Break

11:15 AM

Business cases for current carbon dioxide storage; anticipated business cases in the next 3-5 years

CO2 storage offshore Norway, experience and business case - Per Ivar Karstad (Statoil

Thoughts on the current state of CO2 – Al Collins (Occidental Petroleum

12:15 PM


1:45 PM

Current opportunities for financing CCS/CCUS business models

Net carbon negative oil - Vanessa Nuñez (University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology

Proposed Business Models for Bilateral Collaboration on Monitoring CO2 Foam EOR in On-Shore Texas Field Pilots and for International Whole Value Chain CCUS Collaboration Offshore - Arne Graue (University of Bergen

US regional partnerships as test-sites for off-shore technologies- Robert S. Balch (PRRC, New Mexico Tech

2:30 PM

Case Study Discussion(s)

DOE’s Gulf Coast Industrial CO2 Utilization and Storage Acceleration Effort – Brian Hill (Southern States Energy Board)

3:30 PM

Health Break

3:45 PM

Current government (national, regional, & local) programs/policies/regulations that directly support CCS/CCUS business models; anticipated legislation; desired legislation

Climit, the Norwegian R&D&D program - Hans Jørgen Vinje (Climit

Current possibilities for legislation - Brad Crabtree (NEORI

Business model and collaboration opportunities - Roman Berenblyum (IRIS

Policy, financial mechanism and business models - William Christensen (Ministry of Petroleum and Energy) Cancelled

5:00 PM

Way Forward

Creating Regional Project Development Support Groups that would: 

  • Provide interested industrial partners with the latest technical information on CCS/CCUS 
  •  Convene meetings to introduce respective members of the CO2 value chain 
  •  Update interested industrial partners on current projects, their financing overview, and expected profitability timelines